Big arm sideswipe

The big arm sideswipe. Sprite ripped by A.J Nitro.

The big arm sideswipe is a move that belongs to Bad Mr. Frosty. BMF's arm grows larger and he takes a swing at his opponent. This is a charge attack, meaning that you have to hold a directional button back, then press the opposite of that directional button and the button that requires the attack to work (along with the strength of the button). In this case, you have to hold down for at least three seconds, then press up and punch (any strength will do) to use the attack. This is the most overpowered move in the game, taking out roughly a third of the victim's life bar. In ClayFighter Tournament Edition, the range has been shortened to balance things out. What's really odd about this move is the command. Charging down and then pressing up and punch is usually reserved for an anti air attack, making this a pain to pull off. Maybe this was the developers first attempt to balance this move out.
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