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"Oh, baby"

Special moves

Hair blade, Humming attack, Song of Pain

First game


Last game

ClayFighter: Tournament Edition

Arcade order


Blue Suede Goo

"Hey watch the hair man!"

Blue Suede Goo is an Elvis impersonator. He only appears in ClayFighter and ClayFighter: Tournament Edition. He was the most talkative character in the first game, with the second most talkative being Bad Mr. Frosty. Originally, he was going to be called Elvis The Impersonator. BSG was implied to be the second ClayFighter to emerge from the meteorite as seen in the TE intro.

Move list[]


The radioactive clay meteor has given this middle aged circus freak delusions of grandeur. Once a respected member of the circus his great arrogance has turned the rest of the world against him. Believing that he is the king of rock and roll, he croons to the masses from his porcelain throne; sickening many and scarring the rest.

Taking time off from his busy movie career, he has joined the fight to control the circus. When not doing battle he focuses much of his time on his hair. To him there is nothing cooler than his groovy doo.


Blue Suede Goo immediately moved the circus to Las Vegas when he became king of the circus. Giving three performances every evening, he kept himself happy raising hound dogs. One day, he mysteriously vanished and to this day there have been reported sightings of him in grocery stores across the nation. The end.

C2: Judgement Clay[]

Blue Suede Goo did not return for the sequel to the original game, and was never mentioned again in the story. His likeness was recreated in the Mount Mushmore stage however, along with other characters who did not return.

Unnamed Clay fighter 2016 Remaster[]

Along with other characters, Blue Suede Goo was mentioned to reappear along characters like Earthworm Jim, T-Hoppy, and Boogerman. Like characters in ClayFighter 63⅓, he will feature a large move set, hypers and claytalities.

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