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Butch is the evil counterpart to Tiny. He appears in C2: Judgement Clay. He was voiced by Richard Epcar just like Tiny.

Differences from Tiny[]


Personality wise, he's not too different from his counterpart. He is just as dumb but is a little meaner than his rival, and at most times has his lower jaw open. His skin is much darker than Tiny.


His basic attacks, save for the heavy kick, are identical to Tiny's. However, his special moves are far, far different from his good counterpart's. First of all, he has a projectile, and a bizzare one at that. Let's just say Boogerman wasn't the first Clayfighter to use bodily emissions at his opponents. He also has an anti air juggling kick. You'd expect him to be identical to Tiny, because Tiny himself is made up of recycled sprites from the first ClayFighter.


After becoming the grand master of Mudville, Butch passed a law that prohibited anyone from being smarter than he. As a result, many varieties of farm grown vegetables were exiled to expedite public ignorance.


Flying Smash: Crouch Back, Down Forward, Punch

Two Step: Foward, Down, Down Forward Punch

Flying Fist: Crouch Back, Forward Punch

Big Stink: Back, Down Punch

Juggle Kick: Back, Down, Down Forward Kick

Win quotes[]

  • Now you'll meet your sculptor!
  • I squished you like the clay that you are.
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