The buzzsaw in the first Clayfighter. Sprite ripped by AJ Nitro.

The Buzzsaw is the Blob's signature special move in all the ClayFighter games. This is a charge attack, meaning that you have to hold a directional button back, then press the opposite of that directional button and the button that requires the attack to work (along with the strength of the button). In this case, you have to hold back for at least two seconds, then press forward and punch (any strength will do) to use the attack. In the original version of Clayfighter, there was a glitch where if the opponent blocked the buzzaw attack, he would hit multiple times and do more damage then if the opponent hadn't blocked it! This glitch was fixed in Clayfighter: Tournament Edition. The Blob has used this attack in every ClayFighter game. Any game this attack is used in, it causes the victim to be cut in half.
Buzz 63

The buzzsaw in Clayfighter 63 1/3. Ripped by mr C.

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