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The cartridge.

ClayFighter: Tournament Edition is an updated version of the original ClayFighter, exclusively for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, presented as an exclusive rental-only deal with Blockbuster Video in North America.


Having an update in the fighting genre isn't uncommon, but unlike other fighting game updates, this has all the characters from before. Just a few glitches and minor changes.

  • The Blob's buzzsaw glitch is fixed.
  • The range on Bad Mr. Frosty's Big arm sideswipe is shorter.
  • A tournament mode was added.
  • Glitch to play as N. Boss removed.
  • The stages were changed.
  • Intro was longer (and explained things way better).
  • The Blob lost a move.
  • New palettes were added.
  • New difficulty settings.
  • New speed options.
  • New versus modes.

New problems:

  • Bonker's Butt dive does nothing.


  • During tournament mode, select a four person tournament. The characters must be: Bad Mr Frosty (POSSE), another Bad Mr Frosty (JASON A), The Blob (STEVE C) and Taffy (JOHN S). All characters will be tiny (not that Tiny, mind you, literally small) when the tournament begins.



Clay Fighters Tournament Edition Intro

video by SNESGames86.