Cut in half is when your character gets hit with a certain attack and the top of his/her body pops off for a second, then your character (being made out of clay and all) pops right back.

instances of cut in half in the game.Edit


In this game, when a character is cut in half by the Blob's Light buzzsaw, the character will get cut in half twice because the animation ends when the slow moving buzzsaw has gone past them. The announcer yells out "Cut in half!" sounding both shocked and amused.

Moves that cut you in halfEdit

The Blob's buzzsaw

Blue Suede Goo's hair attack.

C2: Judgement ClayEdit

The cut in half animation only stays on one sprite and ends when the buzzsaw move ends, defeating the glitch from the previous game. The announcer still yells "Cut in half!" only he sounds more surprised. The Blob's buzzsaw and Dr. Peelgood's projectile can cut the opponent in half.

ClayFighter 63 1/3 / Sculptor's CutEdit

The announcer doesn't yell out "cut in half!" anymore, and now both specials (lick Blob's Buzzsaw and Frosty's Ice Pick) and even normal moves cut the opponent in half.And not just them, different from previous games, like the half of the characters have a move where the opponent can be cut in half, mostly normal moves, like Earthworm Jim's strong punch (worm whip).

Also, there's a type of Claytality where the character can be cutted in half, but instead of return to the body, the upper half flies far from it, with the lower half stays in the same place, this as part of the imitation/parody of some Mortal Komat fatalities that also can cut in half the enemy, but more gory than here.


Tiny cut in half

Tiny getting cut in half. Ripped by AJ Nitro.

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