Earthworm Jim is the star of a series of games made by Interplay.

Earthworm Jim stance

He appeared in ClayFighter 63 1/3 as one of the default playable characters, and again in Sculptor's Cut, this time as an unlockable character. His stage is the Aquadome.

It is mentioned that he

Earthworm Jim's Rival

has a rivalry with Boogerman, although this was never shown in any of Jim's games, or in Boogerman's.

What's weird is that one of his super combos resemble Guy's Bushin Hasoken, another guest character in a fighting game.


Clayfighter 63 1/3Edit

Vacationing on Klaymodo after all of his wacky adventures, Earthworm Jim finds himself in a quandry once again. He just received word that Boogerman is also taking a vacation. He has to make sure that the booger eater doesn't show him up. He feels that would ruin his superhero image after all, everybody knows that a true superhero is a worm!

Sculptor's CutEdit

Wherever there are evil villains to defeat, you can bet that Earthworm Jim will be there to stop them.

In his trusty powered suit, he leaps into action, squirming his way through the tide of evil forces in his way.

The bad guys think that he's gonna be fish food, but Jim has other plans.

will his powers hold out until he can conquer those goons? Stay tuned.


The "Appearance by Earthworm Jim" sticker from the front cover of 63 1/3.

Endings Edit

Clayfighter 63 1/3Edit

After saving the day and preserving his image as a true superhero, Earthworm Jim returned to his favorite hobby: fishing. Hmm, how ironic. You'd think he would have a natural fear of hooks.

Clayfighter: Sculptor's cutEdit

Earthworm Jim has lured the evil goons into his ingenious trap and they Swallowed the bait hook, line, and sinker! Will Jim shed his powered suit and return to his former life as a lowly earthworm, wriggling through the dirt? No way! he'll continue to fight for on the side of good and keep claykind safe until the cows come home!

Clay Fighter Sculptor's Cut Boss dialogue Edit


Earthworm Jim's final battle is with Ickybod Clay:

E.W. Jim: 'Who's afraid of the big bad ghost?"

Ickybod Clay: "I know a nice flock of crows I'd like to introduce you to."

E.W. Jim: "You don't scare me you floating bedsheet! I'm a superhero!"

Ickybod Clay: By the time this is over, the world will be afraid of Icky!"


Clayfighter 63 1/3Edit

special movesEdit

Earthworm's Elbow: Hold back, forward and punch

Dirty upper: Forward down forward punch

Laser Shot: Down forward Punch

Tumbling worm: Down forward kick

inflation ball: Down down kick

Super combosEdit

Mega blaster down forward, down forward, punch

Air Combo: Down back, down back, punch

Super Earthworm Uppers: Down forward, down forward, kick

Worm propeller: down back, down back, kick


Uppercut close B,D,F,R

Cow Drop D,D,D,L+R

Head Inflate close D,F,B,B,L he takes his head off and pulling the oppenent causinghim /  her  to be squeezed

Knock Off Island close D,D,B,B,F,F,R

Squish close B,F,F,F,R


  • "I'm a super hero!"
  • "You got stomped!"
  • "Oh, hush up!"
  • "This is bad, really bad."
  • "Eat dirt!"
  • "Eat cow!"
  • "I'll sue!"
  • "Loser!"

A few things he says if you lose to him in Sculptor's cut:

  • "The names Jim, Earthworm Jim!"
  • "I'm a superhero and you're not!"


Clayfighter 63 1/3Edit

Clay Fighter 63 1 3 Earthworm Jim PT Part 1

Clay Fighter 63 1 3 Earthworm Jim PT Part 1

Playthrough by vidfreak727.

Clay Fighter 63 1 3 Earthworm Jim PT Part 2

Clay Fighter 63 1 3 Earthworm Jim PT Part 2

playthrough by vidfreak727.

Clayfighter 63 1 3..

Clayfighter 63 1 3... Earthworm Jim

Claytality exhibition by Hand0fTime.


Clay fighter 63 1 3 Aquadome music

Clay fighter 63 1 3 Aquadome music

Posted by jeffreytahcool.

Sculptor's CutEdit

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