Helga's portrait in Tournament Edition











Special moves

Viking ram, "Val-holler" yodel, "armpit of doom" uppercut

First appearance


Last appearance

ClayFighter: Tournament Edition

Arcade order



Fat, pigtails, light blue horn helmet, light blue armours, light blue leotard, light blue boots

Helga is a voracious viking with a fat stomach who first appeared in ClayFighter. She is the first female character to appear in the ClayFighter series. Her stage is the Viking Stage. Her name was originally going to be Val. Her biggest rival is Blue Suede Goo. She was voiced by Melodee Spevack.



Clayfighter: Tournament Edition (guidebook)Edit

From the far north, this Viking woman has earned the title of Valkyrie from her people. She is looking for another arena in which to compete and is planning to take control of the circus. With her Viking heritage has come special powers from the gods. Thor and Odin have granted her abilities no other clay fighter could even hope of mastering. Many of these abilities are to offset her one vice; eating. She lives to eat, and often has a hard time breaking away from a clay salad sandwich to enter the big top.


When Helga was crowned the queen of the circus, she recieved tons of marriage proposals. Finally reaching a decision, she turned down Olaf the Stout for Tiny the wrestler. Their eight hyperactive kids became the best wrestlers in the history of opera.

C2: Judgement Clay Edit

Helga did not return for the sequel to the original videogame, and was not mentioned again in the backstory. Her likeness was recreated in Mount Mushmore however, along with other characters who did not return.


  • She is the first female in the series, later that position was taken by Kangoo (and her evil twin Thunder) in C2 and by Lady Liberty in Sculptor's Cut. Also, she has a prominent bust, being later seen in Lady Liberty.
  • Helga is a parody of common despictions of female vikings and opera singers. After the credits, she can be seen singing in the end (as the proverb says: "It ain't over till the fat lady sings").
  • The Lost Vikings are mentioned in Helga's ending, since when the games started, they were part of Interplay. In her ending, she was proposed by Olaf the Stout but later she got married with Tiny. As a continuity nod to this ending, in Tiny's stage in C2 can be seen the faces of the other 2 protagonists on the wall: Erik the Swift and Baleog the Fierce.
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