High Five is the disembodied hand of Dr. Kiln. He is playable as a secret character in ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut. He is still unfinished because he has one super combo and no claytalities. He is voiced by Tress MacNeille and his stage is the Mudville Mansion.

In game BioEdit

Once Dr. Kiln's "right hand man", High Five has become tired of following the mad dictator's will.

Becoming huge from the meteorite goop that was spilled on him while he was still attached to Dr. Kiln, he is now a formidable force on the side of good.

Enemies scatter when High Five balls himself into a fist, as no one wants to feel the force of that wallop!

How to unlockEdit

Hold L, then press 3,5,2,6,1,4

ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut Boss Dialogue Edit

High Five's final fight is with his former body host, Dr. Kiln.

High Five: "I was once so attached to you..."

Dr. Kiln: "And zis is ze thanks I get? You have betrayed me!"

High Five: "I'm no longer a part of you, prepare to battle!"

Dr. Kiln: "No one can stop me, I will rule zis world!"


While Dr. Kiln ruled with an iron fist, High Five has made the world as comforting as a mother's caress.

He and the Clayfighters have foiled Dr. Kiln's evil plans and will continue to keep the world safe from harm.

Wherever evil may exist, High Five will be sure to lend a "hand"!

Let's all give High Five a big "thumbs up"!


  • "I'll knock you out!"
  • "Knuckle sandwich!"
  • "Peace, man!"
  • "Give me "Five!"
  • "Thumbs up!"
  • "So long, sucker!"
  • "High five!"
  • "I win!"
  • "Wise guy, huh?"

These are quotes he says if you should lose to him:

  • "Nothing can withstand the hand of justice!"
  • "I'll slap you silly."
  • "You get a big "thumbs down.""
  • "You make a great punching bag!"


Special movesEdit


Trivia Edit

  • He appears to be in a unfinished state, as he has no crouching Brutal Kick, no throws nor command moves, only one super, and no claytalities, making him the only character to have no claytalities in the game.
  • Along with Lady Liberty, he doesn't appear to be made out of clay, aside from spillits. He is shown to squirt some blood when being hit, performing his Hand Spin special, and being cut in half.
  • In addition to that, if a claytality that involves cutting the opponent in half is used on him, he will just fall over instead when hit.
  • He appears as one of Dr. Kiln's spillits.
  • High Five is stated as male, but his voice actor is female (Tress MacNeille) and also his voice is high-pitched.
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