Happy Harry Houngan is a character in the ClayFighter series, and first appeared in ClayFighter 63 1/3. He is voiced by Jim Cummings. His stage is Happy Harry's Hut.

About Edit

Houngan is a Jamaican witch doctor, who carries a rubber chicken (brought to life by voodoo magic) as a weapon. While being Dr. Kiln's assistant in Sculptor's Cut, Houngan has his own plans for world domination.


Clayfighter 63 1/3:Edit

Houngan, a native of Klaymodo got word of Kiln's plans. Since Houngan has his own plans of world domination, he has to stop Kiln immediately. After all, what good are shrunken clay heads anyway?

Sculptor's Cut:Edit

The Voodoo Doctor is in! With his hypnotic rubber chicken, freaky face-paint and his overall frightfully funny demeanor, Harry Houngan is quite a sight to behold.

As Dr. Kiln's evil scientist, thei ingenious yet misguided shaman develops all of Dr. Kiln's sinister weapons.

With his latest discovery, the mutating goop from "Big Bessie", Houngan will mold Dr. Kiln an army of darkness to take over the world.

Clay Fighter Sculptor's cut Boss DialogueEdit

In Sculptor's cut, Houngan's final battle is with The Blob.

Houngan: "Ooh! Another clay ting to experiment on, eh!"

Blob: "Duh, are you talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to me?"

Houngan: "Yes, mon!"

Blob: "Oh. Uh, I was afraid of that."


  • "Cluck you!"
  • "You messed with the wrong guy now, eh?"
  • "Hands of the dead!"
  • "See ya, cluckhead!"
  • "Get away!"
  • "Voodoo!"
  • "Booga-booga!"
  • "BASH!"
  • "Fly the voodoo skies!"
  • "Chicken lickin'!"
  • "Oh, no!"
  • "Whoooaaaaahh, mon!"
  • "Bite me, mon!"
  • "You lazy clay 'ting!"
  • "We jammin'! ♪"
  • "Did I Win?"

Sculptor's Cut CPU win quotesEdit

  • "Who do voodoo, you do? I do, mon!"
  • "Ha! My chicken powah was to great for you, mon."
  • "My chicken is less chicken then you, mon."
  • "Did you really tink you could win, mon?"


Clayfighter 63 1/3Edit

Special movesEdit

  • = Hold back, press forward and kick
  • = Down back kick (Ok in air)
  • = Forward down forward kick

Super combosEdit

  • Chicken Licken = QCF, QCF, any punch. Houngan has his chicken attack the opponent, if that last hit of the chicken connects, the opponent is pushed away, then dragged back to Houngan. It is possible to parry before Houngan pulls the opponent back.
  • Voodoo= QCB, QCB, any kick.
  • Graveyard Shift = HCB, any punch. The position of the hands depend on the button strength.


  • hands of the dead= down, down, forward, back+R
  • Chicken transformation= Down, down forward, forward, down forward, down
  • Voodoo doll= Back, down, forward+L
  • Harden/dissolve= Down, down, down+L


63 1/3 ending: By eliminating Dr. Kiln, Houngan can continue on with his original, evil plot to take over the world.

As well as expand his shrunken head collection by about 2, 000,000, 000 or so but that's an entirely different adventure all together.

Stay Tuned!

Sculptor's Cut: Oh no! With the good guys kicked off the island, Houngan is free to continue his insane experiments using the radioactive goop from the giant meteor.

You can bet that he will create hundreds of monstrosities for his wicked master.

Or will the mad voodoo scientist create his own army of darkness to overthrow Dr. Kiln?

Only time will tell.


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