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Ice is the evil counterpart of Bad Mr. Frosty. He is a boss in C2: Judgement Clay

Differences from Bad Mr. Frosty[]


When it comes to voices, they recycle BMF's voice clips, but in a somewhat ironic way. For example, in Bad Mr. Frosty's intro, he says "I'm bad!" and when he wins he says, "Stay cool." When Ice enters, he says, "Stay cool." and when he wins he says, "I'm bad!" Not only that, but in his intro, Frosty is doing a boxing stance before he turns his hat around, while Ice is doing Frosty's stance before he turns his hat around. Despite the recycling, he also has a fair amount of custom voices clips (like barking out "Sneaky Punch!" and "Blizzard!"). His one trait that he is given is that he hates Bad Mr. Frosty. When you're talking about color, He is coal black (maybe implying he is made out of slush) and has a darker hat.


The way he fights isn't too different than his counterpart. His basic attacks are pretty much the same as BMF (save for a punching move where he merges his arm together and hits his opponent for his heavy punch). If you mean special moves, you'll get the same answer. Aside from a rushing punch attack and some different executions, it's basically the same. Frosty's ice breath move is replaced by a move called Blizzard where he throws a snowball. He also has Frosty's snowball attack, but instead of being a charge move, it requires a half circle.


After Ice became grand master of Mudville, he summoned the arctic wind and turned the land into a winter wonderland. He also turned many of the locals into his personal skiis.

Quotes when he beats you[]

  • "I'm bad!, I'm cool, you're the fool!"
  • "Time for you to chill!"


  • Stay Cool: Crouch Down, Up+Kick
  • Blizzard: Down, Forward Punch
  • Sneaky Punch: Back, Back, Back, Back+Punch
  • Snowball: Half-Circle Forward Punch
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