Jack is an evil version of Octohead. Unlike the party-going Octohead, he prefers to be alone, and wants to rule the sea. He makes his only appearance in C2: Judgement Clay, as the final boss for Octohead, and also as a playable character after entering a code. He was voiced by Steve Kramer just like Octohead.



In terms of physical differences, he possesses a different stance than Octohead, but is also colored purple and pale flesh tones as opposed to light purple and white. He also is known for moving his lower lip and glancing downwards, perhaps indicating shyness or depression. Upon winning, he says "Goodnight!" whilst flipping around.


He eschews Octo's fighting style completely and thereby fights very differently, by being very direct in his moves and utilizing a charging bite as well as a sneaky slide kick. This makes him stand out amongst the evil characters. He can't deliver as many hits as Octohead, but he does have a defensive move.

How to unlockEdit

Hold U, press X,A,R,R,Y,A. you'll hear "Jack attack!" when you've done it right.

Win quotesEdit

  • "Eight lashes with a wet tentacle!"
  • "Dude... like... what were you thinking?"


As grand master of mudville Jack wanted the ocean to himself, so he promptly gave all the sea creatures eviction notices. The mudvillians had no idea what to do with all of the homeless fish.


Jack Attack- forward, forward, forward punch

Backflip- Back back punch

Sliding trip- Back, down, forward, kick

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