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Kangoo is a kangaroo from C2: Judgement Clay. She is a boxer (and in fact the World Clay Boxing Association champion) who hates hurting people and only does it because her fans would get mad. She actually wanted to retire, but her fans threatened to lynch her if she did, so she entered the tournament. Her evil counterpart is Thunder. her stage is the Mudville Gardens. She was voiced by Joyce Kurtz.


Kangoo is sweet and humble but extremely dangerous. She'll typically beat an opponent to pudding, next whip out a first-aid kit and begin repairs. This has a strange way of making things worse. Of course, it would help if Kangoo left her eyes open. But she can't stand the sight of spilled clay. Let's face it, Kangoo is just too nice. The minute she gets the best of an opponent, her conscience gets the best of her.

Kangoo tried to quit fighting once but her fans kicked and screamed. At first, she thought it was another reaction to the snack bar food. Then, she realized the truth: Her fans were going to thrash her if she didn't reconsider. She did.



  • "Crawl back to your momma's pouch!"
  • "Come back when you learn how to box, mate!"
  • "Whirl wind punch!"
  • "Eat this fella!"



After becoming grand master of mudville, Kangoo donated her championship belt to the local museum.She also donated her opponent, who probably wouldn't be waking up for a while.



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