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Kung Pow is a chinese chef who is also skilled in martial arts, and often times gets the two mixed up. Resembling a bucktoothed Bruce Lee he wears a white gi and sports a bowl cut. His dialoge is peppered with bits of "oriental" wisdom. His name is a reference to Kung Pao Chicken and a parody of Kung Lao of the Mortal Kombat series. It's said that he used to be Sumo Santa's personal chef until he got fired for serving repulsive meals and his lack of kung fu knowledge. It's also been said that he used to be a cooking show host. So far he has appeared in ClayFighter 63⅓ and ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut. He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.

ClayFighter 63⅓[]

Most of Kung Pow's attacks are named after various chinese foods such as Egg Foo Young, Chop Suey and more. He also uses cooking utencils against his opponents such as chopsticks, woks, and meat cleavers. His claytalities include chopping off his opponent's torso, chopping them in half, and stuffing them into his wok. His stage is Kooky Courtyard. His alternate color is a red gi.


Clayfighter 63 1/3:

Kung Pow used to be Sumo Santa's personal chef and bodyguard, the repulsive meals he prepared and his lack of kung fu knowledge eventually got him fired.

He was constantly trying to improve his skills in both areas. Unfortunately he always got the two professions cooking and kung fu confused.

Sculptor's Cut:

Who you master?

If it's Kung Pow you're sure to be well-trained. Once a cooking show host, Kung Pow is now the most esteemed Kung-fu master on Claydonia.

Upon learning that he was one of the good guys battling against him, Dr. Kiln was not at all pleased. When Kung Pow pulls out wok, you're never quite sure if he's going to pound you with it or stir-fry up a delicious dish!


The conversation between Kung Pow and Bonker:[]

Kung Pow: You crazy crown, you have no honor!

Bonker: Hey, hey, ho! I'm the top banana in this neck of the woods.

Kung Pow: Say who? You cheat and you no funny!

Bonker: We'll see who's laughing at the end of this battle!

ClayFighter: 63 1/3[]

After avenging his enemies and proving his worth, Kung Pow is now deemed a kung-fu master.

Not content with a black belt, Kung Pow must now go and achieve the almighty....................chef's apron and hat!

Sculptor's cut[]

Number Five, your order is ready!

Kung Pow has really put the lid on Dr. Kiln's evil plans, and that is a notion the mad dictator can't stomach.

The Kung-Fu master has focused all of his skills into kicking the bad guys off the island and well, we'll bet you a fortune's worth of cookies that he won't stop chasing the evil bunch, a concept that has Dr. Kiln steaming mad!


  • "Egg Foo young!"
  • "For here, or to go?"
  • "You need more training!"
  • "I'm almost done for..."

Lose to Kung Pow in Sculptor's cut and you'll get one of these quotes:

  • "Who you master, he probably sucks!"
  • "You need more training, You want more fight?"
  • "Your weak powers are no match for my Kung-fu!"
  • "Would you rike soy sauce with that."


Maybe they thought the green pan looked too weird?

  • Kung Pow has an unused alternate pallet consisting of a blue gi and a green pan. It can be accessed by using the GameShark code 801A2B39 0001
  • Kung Pow has the longest taunt in the game
  • Kung Pow as character also has many references to Street Fighter franchise:
    • Kung Pow's colors of his martial arts outfit are white and red for the alternate color, a reference to Ryu and Ken Masters, respectively.
    • Various of his moves are references or parodies of existing moves in Street Fighter: Crane Technique uses the same pose than Hadouken, Egg Foo Young is similar to Fei Long's Shien Kyaku, Chop Suey works like Dan Hibiki's Dankuukyaku and the super move Lo Mein is like Ryu's Shunkuu Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku.
    • This may count as a coincidence, but there a similar character in Street Fighter IV: the masked luchador El Fuerte, who's also a fighter and a cook as Kung Pow, but he uses lucha libre as fighting style and he cooks Mexican food instead. Both combine their fighting styles and cook abilities in fight, and both make repulsive meals.


ClayFighter 63 1/3[]


ClayFighter 63 1 3 Kung Pow Playthrough Part 1

playthrough done by vidfreak727.


Clay Fighter 63 1 3 Kung Pow Playthrough Part 2

playthrough done by vidfreak727.


Clay Fighter 63 1 3 Kung Pow Combo

courtesy of vidfreak727.


Clayfighter 63 1 3... Kung Pow

Claytality exhibition by hand0ftime.



Clay fighter 63 1 3 kooky courtyard music

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