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N. Boss victory (N.boss is on the right.)

N. Boss is the final boss of ClayFighter. He looks a lot like a ring of beads with eyes on top. when he loses, he doesn't lie down, he frowns as some of his beads lay on the ground (meaning that his teeth have been knocked out). In his victory pose he grins in victory. His name is a pun, poking fun at both M. Bison from Street Fighter 2 and the phrase "End Boss."

His attacks consist of strangling you and flinging every projectile in the game at you. Blue Suede Goo's Humming attack, Bonker's Pie throw, Bad Mr. Frosty's Frozen Fist, you name it, he's got it. Not only this, but the announcer doesn't say his name. This leads most people to believe he was added in last minute.

He was defeated by Tiny in canon, and was never seen or heard from again after the first game.

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