Clay-fighter-call-of-putty-dsiware 57457 galeria-1

Kiln fighting Lockjaw in Call of Putty.

This is a stage that appears in ClayFighter 63 1/3 and Sculptor's cut and it acts as the home stage to Lockjaw Pooch in the latter. Located on a smaller island right next to Claymodo, it is an island junkyard with things like fire hydrants, a landlocked submarine and rotting school buses. There is a lagoon in the middle with a bridge where most of the fight takes place but you can also fight at the bottom of the dirty lagoon if one gets smashed through the bridge. The outside of Lockjaw's Doghouse is also a notable part of the arena which is also available inside.

  • This is possible that this place was originally going to be Hobo Cop's residence while Lockjaw's was inside his Doghouse.
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