Sarge is the evil counterpart of Hoppy . He only appears in C2: Judgement Clay.

Differences from HoppyEdit


When it comes to looks, he is grey, with a yellow headband and bandolier. Stance-wise, he is sort of the reverse Dr. Peelgood; that is, his stance is a sped up version of Hoppy's while Peelgood's is a slowed version of Nanaman's. His portrait has him snarling. He got his muscles by military training.


When you're talking about basic punches and kicks, he has different sprites for all his punches and kicks, where hoppy does not. His special moves seem to have a focus on kicking. He is equipped with the dashing boot (although he doesn't wear any boots), which is a basic charge attack. Not only that, but he has an anti air kick and a variation of Hoppy's flying kick.


Dashing boot CB,F+K

Juggle kick CD,U+K

Flying kick HCB+K


After Sarge became Grand Master of Mudville, he put an airplane engine on his motorcycle and began running all the other vehicles off the road. This finally came to an end when he threw the engine to its highest gear and quickly found himself on the nose of a commercial airliner.

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Drop and give me twenty!"
  • "I dropped the bomb on you, maggot!"
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