Slyck is the evil counterpart of Blob. He appears along with all the other evil counterparts, in C2: Judgement Clay. Thus, he's Blob's final opponent.

Differences from BlobEdit


Slyck looks just like the Blob, except he has yellow teeth, yellow eyes and his slimy skin is a different shade of green. At the beginning of a fight, he says "I'm number 1!" while showing his yellow teeth. In both of his win animations (giving a thumbs up and turning into a number one before showing his teeth like in the intro) he says "Thumbs up!" He doesn't have any custom voices either (all of his quotes are recycled from the blob).


He fights similarly to Blob, but he transforms into different things than him. Can explode into a bunch of boxing gloves like the Blob, but instead of all the boxing gloves hitting his opponent at once, only one of the many boxing gloves hits the opponent. the light punch has a boxing glove hitting the gut and the medium punch hitting the face. This may an attempt to fake the opponent out, maybe suggesting he uses dirty tricks to win. Another weird thing about his moveset is that all of his standing basic attacks are different while his rival's medium kick is just a faster, recycled version of his heavy kick. Interplay also recycled the sprites from the Blob's entrance for some of Slyck's attacks.

Special move wise, nothing special. He is equiped with a variation on the Clay Loogie and Blob's Clay stomp from the previous game (albeit with a different execution), but the biggest difference is an attack that hits multiple times by mashing the punch button, ala the Hundred hand slap from street fighter. in conclusion, he's not too different from the blob.

How to unlockEdit

To unlock him, go to the title screen and hold Y, press L,L,up,L,left,R.


Slyck stomp- Down, back, up kick

Psycho spit- Half circle forward punch

multi punch- Rapidly press punch

Win quotesEdit

  • "You win... NOT!"
  • "You won't find the trick to beating Slyck!"


When Slyck became grand master of mudville, he began eating every building in sight. The worst part was finding large enough doggie bags for his leftovers.

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