Spike is the evil counter part to Googoo in C2: Judgement Clay. He is a lot like his rival, only way brattier.

Differences from GoogooEdit


Spike's mugshot.


Personality wise, he's not too different from Googoo. Spike has darker skin, and a purple bonnet and diaper. Some of his quotes are different from those of Googoo's, while other quotes are the same, but are accompanied by different animations than Googoo used.


When it comes to combat, Spike relies on his rattle less than Googoo. HIs light punch is an actual punch (instead of hitting his opponent with the butt of his rattle like his rival) and he throws up at close range for his medium punch. All his kicks are the same, though. His special moves couldn't be more different than his rival. He has a moving spin kick move comprised of recycled light kicks, a move where you have to press the punch button multiple times (While yelling "come and get it!" repeatedly), and an anti air move where he hits you with his butt while jumping through the air.

How to unlockEdit

To unlock, hold R, press X,B,B,A,Y, left,A. You'll hear him shout when you get it right.


  • Mobile Kicks-Forward, Down, Back punch
  • Come and Get It- Tap punch
  • Diaper Tackle- Back, down, forward, up-forward kick


The minute Spike became grand master of Mudville, he confiscated the land's entire milk supply. Unfortunately, he didn't drink it fast enough and is still trying to find out what to do with a thousand pounds of cottage cheese.

Win QuotesEdit

  • I'm a baaad boy!
  • You look a bit rattled.
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