This (never-seen) guy is always present in each of the Clayfighter games naturally to announce the fighters of the match and to determine who the winner is. In later games he would also commentate whenever someone pulled off a combo or a devastating move.


In the first game, the Announcer would start each match by shouting "Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the combatanants for this extravaganza!" and then shout out the said fighters' names. Interestingly he never announced N.Boss' name while at his residence. His vocabulary was expanded in The Tournament Edition as he would make various comments and remarks whenever someone pulled off a combo or if something interesting happened.

C2: Judgement ClayEdit

The same announcer returned for the second game were he acted mostly like he did back in the Tournament Edition, only his introductions were changed drastically with his introduction dropped in favor of a versus screen with him calling out the fighters' names and then calling out each round as it starts.This time, he was able to call out everyone's names including the evil clones.

Clayfighter: 63 1/3 Edit

A new announcer was used for the N64 games who was voiced by none other than Michael Buffer. As a result, now each fight would start with him shouting out a parody of his own famous catchphrase: "Lets get ready to Crumble!!" unless if you were to skip it. He also no longer called out the characters by name and mainly acted to call out the combo used (and the occasional remark of the said combo). His role in Sculptor's cut was for the most part, unchanged but he no longer introduced the game in the beginning which was replaced by an introduction song.

Quotes Edit

  • Lllllllet's get ready to crumble!!!!! (63 1/3)
  • Itty Bitty Combo! (A three-hit combo in 63 1/3)
  • Lousy Combo! (4-hit combo)
  • Lame Combo! (5-hit combo)
  • Weak Combo! (6-hit combo)
  • Dumb Combo! (7-hit combo)
  • Little Girlie Combo! (8-hit combo)
  • Cheesy Combo! (9 to 12-hit combo)
  • Triple Brown Betty Combo! (13 to 15-hit combo)
  • Oh, well that was a Queen Combo. (16 to 18-hit combo)
  • Ludicrous Combo! (19 to 29-hit combo)
  • Insane Combo! (30 and above-hit combo)
  • Awesome!
  • Wow! (Judgement Clay)
  • What a comeback!
  • (character name) wins by a perfect!
  • (character name) wins the match!
  • Feeling Flat? (Character flattened)
  • Cut in half! (Character cut in half)
  • What a close one!
  • Now that was a fight to remember!
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