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special moves

Medicine Ball, Dashing Punch



arcade order

fifth and tenth


Coliseum, Clay keep

Tiny is a huge, muscular character from the original ClayFighter. He's one of the few characters to return in its sequel, C2: Judgement Clay (which was Tiny's final appearance in the series). Unlike Bad Mr. Frosty or the Blob, who had updated appearances and movesets in C2, Tiny's sprites were recycled from the previous game. Tiny is the canonical winner of the first ClayFighter tournament.


Originally, his name was going to be Crusher.

Prototype BiographiesEdit

First BiographyEdit

Likes: Color Hates: Whimps  Clay Type: R Sex: Clay Married: Yes



Tiny's stance

He was in the first ClayFighter and was the canon winner of the tournament. Although he may look like a wrestling character, with the majority of moves being throws done with full 360 circles (a la Zangief), he throws dashing punches and rolls like Blanka. He looks confused when he wins, but then flexes.

Bio (Tournament Edition Guide Book)Edit

The buffest of the clay fighters, Tiny works out whenever he isn't pounding the clay out of the other players. A member of the WCWA (World Clay Wrestling Association), he truly loves to wrestle and fight. He is not very bright, so he relies on his massive strength to win. He is proud of his physique and will smash anyone who laughs at him.


Tiny turned the circus into a big wrestling gym when he became king of the circus. Of course, everyone admired Tiny, the champion forever, although not everyone liked the diet of broccoli and water. The end.

C2: Judgement ClayEdit

Tiny was not originally going to appear in C2: Judgement Clay, but when the character of Lucy had to be removed from the game, Tiny's sprites from the first game his sprite from the first game were imported into the game, making Tiny the only character to use the same sprites in both games. As a result of this TIny only has one win pose, while all other character have two. Just because he has reused sprites, that doesn't mean he plays like the old Tiny. His Dashing Punch becomes a charge attack where before it was done with a quarter circle. He also had his Medicine ball done with a half circle. This raises the question why they didn't keep his attack commands the same. One guess is that Lucy had the same combinations and they didn't have time to make all the sprites.


The buffest of the Clay Fighters, Tiny works out whenever he isn't pounding the clay out of the other players. Tiny proved his dominance by smashing the cheezy N. Boss at the Clay Fighter circus. Now president of the WCWA (World Clay Wrestling Association), he truly loves to wrestle and fight. So much so that he destroyed all of his wrestling opponents. Proud of his physique, Tiny will smash anyone who laughs at him. Tiny has return in search of new competition, and his clay has never gleamed so good.


After becoming grand master of mudville, Tiny retired from the fighting world to pursue a career in fast food... at Muddonald's? He quickly introduced a new mouth watering sensation called buff burgers... 100 lb burgers that instantly build biceps when being lifted to the eater's mouth.

Win quotesEdit

  • "You call yourself clay!?"
  • "Come back and I'll mold you a new face!"



  • Air Tackle: hold Down, Medium Punch & Medium Kick

C2: Judgement ClayEdit

  • Medicine ball-Half circle forward, kick
  • Dashing punch- Charge back, forward =punch
  • wimp slide- Charge back, down-forward,punch
  • arcing medicine ball- Half circle forward, up, punch



Clayfighter (SNES) - Arena

Clayfighter (SNES) - Arena

theme thanks to manchof1.

C2: Judgement ClayEdit

Clayfighter 2 Judgment Clay Music Clay Keep (Tiny's Theme)

Clayfighter 2 Judgment Clay Music Clay Keep (Tiny's Theme)

Video by MusikFievel.

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